**MIND BLOWN**  I’m taking an online course at the moment, and this week’s module is incredible! Technology is SO cool! (All the modules are terrific, but this one is keeping me GLUED to my computer!)  TOP FIVE amazing techy things I’ve learned in 2 days:

  1.  LinkedIn/Twitter banner sizes and what to put on them
  2. Google alerts
  3. Adobe Spark! (see video below)
  4. Hello, TRELLO!!!
  5. IFTTT.com
Here are a few other AMAZING online tools I’ve only recently learned about, but they may be old to you!
  1.  Grammarly (Grammarly thinks I’m brilliant, BTW)
  2. Newsfeed Eradicator for Facebook (Get more done!)
  3. Bitly
  4. Hootsuite

When you’re ready to go check some of these, say goodbye to your family for a few days first!