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This week on the Writer’s Way podcast, we talk about specialty books!
Guest Haley Rose discusses how she first got into writing as well.
Stay tuned to hear all about the Specialty books she’s published!

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Intro: How Hayley Started Writing Children’s Books

Laurie: Hello Writers, welcome back to the Writer’s Way podcast. I’m here today with the fabulous Hayley Rose. Thank you so much for coming on with me.

Hayley: Well, thanks for having me. I’m super excited!

Laurie: Good. We have so much to talk about because you are a wealth of information and experience but as always let’s just find out a little bit about you.

Hayley: My name is Hayley Rose. And I grew up in California, moved to Colorado. I’m a western girl at heart. I got into writing by accident after a turbulent airplane ride from Chicago where I had met my cousins that were one and two for the first time. And that inspired me to write them a story and keep my mind off the turbulence.

So it happened by accident. I met a publisher a few years later. At a restaurant eating lunch, he’s like, “what do you do?” “I’m a publisher.” “What do you do?” “Oh, hey. Well, I wrote a book.” Seems like to me it happened from there. It was a total, okay, I think so. I sent it to them.

They liked it and needed a lot of editing. They published my first book back in 2002. I had a history with them for about 10-12 years and then I went independent, which I am so happy now. I love being independent; I can’t even tell you. With my babies, I’m in negotiations for a contract for a different kind of book with a small Indie publisher that I love. But for my series I write a little bit differently than most authors, a little bit different of a style.

I like to keep control of that and go independent and and enjoy the failures and enjoy the successes.


The Differences between Traditional Publishing and Indie Publishing

Laurie: I love that. Before we move on, share for people who are brand new to this publishing experience. What are the differences between that publisher and Indie that makes you love Indie?

Hayley: When you are with a traditional publisher, you send them a manuscript, they choose when you’re doing picture books, they choose the illustrator. You have no say. The wait is two years. I’m very impatient. You don’t have control over the bulk of the marketing they would do. We’re going back to the early 2000s.

Things have changed as an author with a major house with an indie house, you still have to do the bulk of the marketing. They do advertising. They would set me up for events, but I have no control over that. What I like about being independent is I’m in control of the whole process.

It’s my vision. It’s not my vision and the publishers vision and the editors vision. It’s my vision and I really like that. You still don’t do it alone. Independent, you still have editors and critique groups that you work with.

I have an army of other authors that come to my aid, help me out and give me ideas. Maybe this isn’t working and such, so you don’t really do it alone. I like the marketing and advertising too. I do a lot of speaking engagements and a lot of mentoring and such, not on the scale of some of the other authors that we know because I like to do one-on-one things. And to be in the process with the other authors and their journey. Being independent lets me decide where and when. If I don’t feel like doing something that day then I honor that.

Laurie: I like that. That’s important to acknowledge.


Hayley’s Speaking Gigs

Laurie: You did a big speaking gig recently. Was it recently?

Hayley: It depends, which one?

Laurie: I was reading about the Author Learning Center when you were interviewed by some big names.

Hayley: It was about two years ago. Yes.

We’re probably gonna go off a little bit. Because I always have a story. I signed up to do a local Festival here and I live in Arizona. Here in Arizona it’s called the Mesa Book Festival and they have a website for all the authors that are going to appear. It was a booth and selling books with 85 other authors and they have a nice little website. And I couldn’t do it that year I had to back out last minute for an unhappy event.

But I they kept my name up there. A couple months later I got a call from the Author Learning Center saying that they had seen my info on that website and they were going to be in town in Arizona and they wanted to know if they could interview. I said, OK and I went down and it was fantastic.

We did a 20-minute interview and I put it into five minute clips about inspiration and marketing. Then they put it up there on the Author Learning Center alongside those big names. It was really neat.

Laurie: Yes, here I am next to Stan Lee.

Hayley: I know, right?

Laurie: And R.L. Stine you have here. That’s amazing.

Hayley: I’m a huge fan of R.L. Stine. He’s coming in 2 weeks 3 weeks to Arizona and I’ve got tickets to go.

Laurie: Oh, that’s so cool. Fun. 

The Desert Nights Rising Stars Conference

Laurie: You did something recently I remember seeing on your Facebook.

Hayley: Was it the Arizona State University the Desert Nights Rising Stars conference?

Laurie: Probably yeah.

Hayley: That was so we spoke we spoke about Amazon on that marketing and kind of the different arms of Amazon, you know FBA Advantage even author Central.

I mean, you know anything I had an Amazon name to it in front. We talked about that a little bit because you really need to figure out where you’re going on your journey. Now that might change but you need to know all the options I think and…

Laurie: It’s confusing.

Hayley: Right and yeah and for a first-time author, I mean, you’re so geared on your work and your book and and all that that you forget about all the other little tributaries.


Fifo The Bear Series

Laurie: Okay, so can you share with us about your Fifo series? Because it’s so cool. Did I say it right?

Hayley: Yeah, Fifo the Bear.

Laurie: Yeah, okay.

Hayley: Fifo because of the FIFA. Soccer, the World Cup, you know. But yeah, so Fifo the bear. So that’s based on my God-Son who’s high-functioning autistic.

So the whole series is like that and I think I’m a teacher at heart because I love to educate. So all my books are something to do with education. So I’ve got the emotions book which I will show you. So the emotions book was to get my godson to release his feelings and emotions with words. And so that one goes through a bunch of different see that a bunch of different emotions and then it’ll ask the reader to relay that emotion in the back in the mirror.

So it’s supposed to spark a conversation between a parent or a teacher and the little one. And that way the little ones can see what they look like when they’re upset or angry or happy and then what you look like when you’re upset or angry or happy.

Laurie: Make those connections.

Fifo 50 States

Hayley: So it doesn’t it doesn’t actually have a story with it.

It’s a one or two lessons page. So and then I’ve got you know on another then I’ve got Fifo the bear which is a geography. Fifo 50 States it’s a geography book and it’s the same kind of thing. It’s a one or two page. It’s a two-page spread on this one and it will talk about the capital, the bird, the tree, the flower, the motto and all that. But it’s meant for the little kids to talk with the older kids.

So by the time they get to fourth fifth grade when they learn this information, they already know it. They’ve got a little bit of what the state’s about. What activities there are to do and it because the illustrations are really educational. So the little ones can do find the state bird and every tree or find the state flag and that makes it exciting for them and they’ve got to know what anyway, so all the Fifo series is really like that a one or two page spread that you sit down with the parent and it’s a bonding and learning experience. 

Laurie: Very educational, not so much of a story.

Fifo Musical Animals ABC

Hayley: Right, right, and then I’ve got an ABC musical animal book. So usually there’s a lot of little things within the book. So then you can decide what you want to talk about if it’s animals or it’s my ABC book. if it’s animals that you’re looking for or if it’s ABCs or instruments, you can just talk about just go through all the instruments to talk about like, you know, what instrument you know, what kind of instrument it is.

Is it a wood instrument or wind instrument? You know, things like that or what kind of you know, what sound does a dog make, things like that. So that’s the Fifo series. It’s kind of all about a one or two page bonding lesson.

Laurie: Right.

Hayley: Probably really good for homeschoolers. And …

Laurie: Yeah, and so they look beautiful and that mirror tells me that you did not do POD

Hayley: There’s nothing wrong with with POD.

I think I like a hardcover book. I experienced years ago  with Ingram Spark, it just wasn’t for me. And so I had friends that had printed in China and the quality was fantastic and you could do a little more off the wall things or not sort of the norm at that time for me at a really good cost where I could run a business because it is a business, you know, we all love to write books and read books and all that but it’s a business you’re going to pay your rent, you know, so I went through China.

And I’m just super super happy with the whole experience, but I do print in bulk so I can you know, make a living.


The Thankful Series

Laurie: Yes, and I saw a picture of a garage full. How many books are the last order?

Hayley: So my last order was 5,000 but that was a little different. So I have a series of it’s called. It’s my gratitude series and tomorrow is national world or national International World gratitude day.

Laurie: Okay.

Hayley: But I have a is called the Thankful Series and I have five mermaids because I am a super mermaid at heart. And so I have five different versions of mermaids. So I did a thousand each. So those were it was 5,000. My emotions Book for a Fifo I order between three and five thousand at a time. So I’m just about out putting a bit like 600 left maybe. So I’ve got another order on the way from China of 3,000 to make it through the holidays. So it depends I usually will print each title between a thousand and five thousand depending on where it’s going.

Laurie: Yeah how much it sells.

Hayley: I’ve got 10,000 books in my home at the moment. So that will mean shortly I have another another 6,000 coming this month and another 10,000 coming by the end of the year.

Laurie: Do you have space in your house?

Hayley: I don’t, no. So I will I don’t anymore. Yes. I will be checking out  some other warehouses.

The Journal

Laurie: It was the journals that prompted me to reach out to you because I don’t know that many children’s authors personally who are doing coloring books or journals or these others I consider them specialty books.

I wanted to ask you about that process. And if you recommend people to do that. I mean, obviously you have a lot sitting in your house. I think it’s working for you?

Hayley: Well, it’s a very new venture for me and it came out of a need. I had a family tragedy and left me very depressed and upset and I needed to crawl out of that and I’m not a medication person.

I don’t like medication. I have anxiety about taking medication. That was not the the road for me to travel down and that also made me think. I mean when you’re in that anxiety and depression and stuff like that you think about other people that might be in your shoes and times are different. Kids are being raised with more fear, more technology driven anxieties really I guess is the best way with you know, video games and media and stuff like that. And so I thought this was something that could transcend generations and something that you could do together because when you have anxiety or depression it’s better to be with someone to lift you up out of that.

The journals came out of that and gratitude is scientifically proven to rewire the brain to make you happier. Coloring helps reduce anxiety. And happy people usually aren’t afraid, and aren’t fear-driven, aren’t anxiety driven, aren’t depressed a lot. You know when you’re happy. So I married those two together and it came out of a need for myself.

Love what you do!

Hayley: And I love these. I just got the I just got the mermaid books 2, 3 days ago and I am in love with them. And then everyone else is in love with them. And that’s another thing about when you’re independently publishing: be in love with your work. Stay true to your heart have meaning behind it. Because otherwise you’re going to get bored with it.

I mean, this is a lifetime commitment to this book. You have to love it to push it and people will see that and want to buy it and gravitate towards it. So love what you’re doing. But so the journals came out of those two things and its really a 15 to 30 minute activity. I actually do it with my goddaughter via Skype which will bring visit we’ll do it together, but we’ll sit down at a table and we’ll color will talk about what we’re thankful for and we’ll talk about what we love about others what we love about ourselves.

So my journals have prompts it’s not just gratitude prompts, but there’s three affirmations in there. There’s three goal setting techniques and all that and there is what you love about yourself to build up your confidence. And it’s I did them in hardback with glittered covers and elastic bands because it’s a Keepsake.

The Journal is Even Useful for Adults!

Hayley: There’s nothing more exciting or fun to go back like five years down the road. Ten years down the road. What was I thinking that day are what were my goals? You know when I was 20 years, so it really is I say a hard covers are really 8. An adult real adult you’re going to really color and think about all that and marinate on what you’re grateful for.

And for the little kids it’s really like a coloring book. So I do have paperbacks for the little kids to color and get you know started with.

Laurie: A keepsake do you have on there to show?

Hayley: Oh, yeah. I’ve got tons to show acually.

Laurie: I have 6,000 actually.

Hayley: I have it this so this is my mermaid and I don’t know if it can I can’t tell the size but the tails are glitter.

Laurie: Oh, no, I can’t see the glitter.

The Therapeutic Nature of Coloring

Hayley: But you know I should have I didn’t bring my phone to put the light on the tails all glitter. So they’re really neat specially in the sun. I’ve been coloring this one just so I can show people. We can go through and it’s very therapeutic.

It’s great when you – I’m afraid of flying and so I take it on the plane with me and just color and it really helps because you’re you’re sitting there going through deciding on what color do I want? This to be in that you’re not really thinking about the turbulence or anything like that so like that and then on the back well there’s usually a scene on the back when you open it up. It also lays flat so you can color which is really nice. And they…

Laurie: Did you have to find someone in particular that would help like that would print it so it’s laid flat? Because I’ve heard it’s an issue….

Hayley: It’s called it’s called sun land laid flat. So it just a way to do it with through China. I haven’t found anyone here that in the U.S. that does it yet. I’m still be looking with tariffs changing and things like that.

I might see what my options are out here. But this is still the best option but it’s flat and then there’s the elastic band that goes around the front it goes around the front like that. Yes, you can also mark your page with it. So. So it’s like a bookmark. So I love that and then again on the back are all everything that gratitude and coloring helps with. Mental health, improves your relationships with others and it’s great for students.

Unicorns, Mermaids, and Dragons…Oh My!

I’m actually doing a school event in three weeks in California where we’re going to they all that the paperback version. I have dragons too so the boys, you know can pick their dragons or the mermaids. I’ve unicorns, mermaids and dragons. Oh my. [laughter]

So we’re going to actually do an activity on this and then we’re actually going to create our own thank you cards with envelopes and stuff like that. Just send it off because gratitude helps you and the recipient as well. So it’s so that’s why it strengthens relationships, but it improves mental health, physical health.

I mean, there’s so many benefits if you look up and they’re very similar the coloring of the the affirm… and the well affirmations, but the coloring and the gratitude. So I also all the mermaids go by their affirmation. So this one is ‘I am Kind’. My best friend I get my friends involved did this one – ‘I am Unstoppable’.

Laurie: Oh nice.

Hayley: And then I’ve got ‘I am beautiful’ and then I have ‘I’m generous’. Not here with me but that one too. And so they go by that and then the you can collect them all because it’s a two-month journal. So you can collect them all throughout the year and resonate with the one start with the one that resonates towards you whether it’s you know, the look of the mermaid or the affirmation or the colors of the the binding, you know, any of that.


Working with Hayley’s Illustrator

Laurie: Oh that’s lovely. So I see how that formatting and the fun frames and stuff. Are you an illustrator?

Hayley: I am not. So what’s really fun because I will bring that to school events and things. I do my little pencil stick figures and so I will design I will design it and map it out and then I’ll send that to my illustrator and then they will go ahead and draw it.

I’m not very it’s funny because I can’t draw at all. Really. Yeah, I come from a family of artists. In galleries and they teach and all that and I could do was figure really well.

Laurie: But you’re creative in a different way.

Hayley: A different way. Yes, and I can sing so that’s all right, too. But yeah even a different way so but I have a lot of I have a lot of fun with it and the funny thing is is so with the emotions book, I would make the faces, you know the picture and send that to my illustrator.

Laurie: I wanted to do this.

Hayley: Can you make it look like this? Was really funny. That was fun. So fun with it though still.


The Waiting is the Hardest Part!

Laurie: Yeah, which is fabulous and you should. As soon as it starts to drag you down, that’s when you should stop or re-evaluate. Maybe.

Hayley: That goes with the love, you know, how that love.

There’s not one bit of the whole process that I don’t like.

Laurie: Oh, that’s good.

Hayley: I love it all. I mean the waiting besides the waiting.

Laurie: I hear ya.

Keep Going Until You Get That ‘Yes’!

Hayley: I love the whole creative process. And even when you know let’s say, you know, something doesn’t go your way. It’s like, all right, how can I how can I go around this?

How can I reach my goals? Maybe there’s just another road to go down.

Laurie: Yeah.

Hayley: So even the things that you perceive are failures really aren’t and you still love the still love the whole process because it’s teaching moment.

Laurie: That’s perfect. Yes, I agree with you just have to figure out a different way. Right? Let it get you down for a day and then and then pick yourself up.

Hayley: I took a course once and they said that you keep asking for what you want until you get that ‘yes’. So you keep going and every time you get to know you go to the next person and you just keep going until you get that yes, because there’s millions and millions and millions of people the world. Someone’s going to give you that yes to take you where you need to go.

So don’t give up keep going until you get that yes.

How Did You Find Your Illustrators?

Laurie: Oh that is terrific advice. I agree with that. Thank you. How did you find your illustrators? Is it the same person?

Hayley: No, it’s different. Well the Fifo the bear. Well, I had a different so originally when I was published I had a different illustrator for Fifo the Bear.

With my first two books and the illust- the publisher got them for me.

Laurie: Right.

Hayley: When she just she retired so to speak and then I had met my current Fifo illustrator through a friend a really good friend from childhood.Her boyfriend was an illustrator and so I met the so I met him there and I actually brought him to the publisher and so he works with the publisher that I was with right?

So but he does all my Fifo books. So it’s fantastic and he’s still allowed even though I’ve parted ways really well with the publisher. We’re still really good friends and stuff. I’m allowed to keep him to do the Fifo. This is why I called looked and so I didn’t have any issues with that. So it was great. My contract said …

Did You Have to Redo the First Two Books?

Laurie: You didn’t have to redo those first two books?

Hayley: I reformatted the first and the second book that I had as I redid a lot of that one, but the the first book I haven’t republished. It needs to they were published. It was a different kind of style. It was a different. It wasn’t my books are eight and a half by eight and a half and the original book was eight by ten.

And so it doesn’t fit the look and everything doesn’t fit. So it really needs to be redone and then the images would need to be reshaped as well. So I just haven’t done it. My, again, my heart is into kind of the others at the moment. That first book needs a little bit. It’s a goes a little bit.

It’s more of a story to so there’s a little bit outside the…

Laurie: Okay.


The Thankful Dragons

Hayley: The series, so I haven’t redone that one. In the future. Now right now. Yeah right now I’m concentrating on the Thankful Series is my big thing. I get lost. It gets too overwhelming to try and do like 20 books at a time and I like to enjoy the moment.

You know, I like to enjoy each book that is released. So I have the Thankful Dragon. It’s just not released yet because I want to enjoy the process. And since I just got the mermaids and doing the mermaids. So even though the dragons are done, maybe I can show you a little preview.

Laurie: Yeah show me! Gonna have to get it for my son.

Hayley: So here are my dragons.  So I’ve got this one.

Laurie: Oh, yeah.

Hayley: I went with different themes and then I have my little Asian inspired one. I went to I actually went to China a few years ago for a big birthday milestone and I loved it so I’m representing that there. And then I have that one.

Laurie: I love it. I love how it’s so much a part of you.

Like you took that that travel to make that Dragon, you took your own anxieties and created like a series of books out of it. It’s just really your heart and soul.

Hayley: It really is. It’s a love it really it really is a lot of and you figure if no one ever buys one, and I’ve got five thousand of these at home, at least I’m happy and I’m set for life.

Laurie: For books.

Hayley: What am I doing with these? Then like, oh I’m gonna color this one today.

Laurie: I’m feeling a little anxious I’ll take these ones. There you go.


Comparing The Process of Publishing Specialty Books to Other Types of Books

Laurie: So was there anything different about the journals like the specialty books of the process compared to maybe…?

Hayley:  It was yeah trying to pick out bands in which way you know, so like so like for, you know, do I match the cover do I match the tail?

Laurie: Right.

Hayley: When it glitters in the sun. It’s a little bit lighter so the color so doing that and figuring out how you do spot glitter. So the glitter wasn’t all over it was just on the tails, you know, so do stuff like that and what really helped is my printer  sent me out well sent pictures of different kinds of glitter and different kinds of bands and then I would blow them up and then I would take them and ask my network of authors my network of kids my network, you know, I would just ask the people in my life.

What do you like better? And then in a lot of the Facebook groups that were in with children’s writings, I would post pictures and go what do you think? You know and then sort of take the majority with your own thoughts, you know, so like, okay, so most people think this. Then I’d hold them both up and I’m like, how do I feel with you know when it matches the tails?

What do what do I really think about that? What’s resonating with me? And that’s kind of kind of how I go.

Laurie: That’s good that you do check back in with yourself afterwards because sometimes you get so much other opinion outside opinions. You lose your original instinct in your brain.

Take All the Advice with a Grain of Salt

Hayley: And you get overwhelmed with everyone going on you should do this or you should do that and it’s like take with a grain of salt and see what really resonates with you.

And is it in alignment with with your vision? You know because ultimately they’re they’re not probably buying all your books. You’ve got to go out and sell, you know, and you’ve got to and if you don’t sell you’ve got to be happy with them and again, if you’re not happy no one’s gonna buy them.

You don’t love them, no one else. So you kind of its kind of like a full circle, but it’s great to get that that input, you know and see like are you on the right path? And sometimes someone will say, you know, you really should do this and you’re like, you know, I think you’re right. Like I really I really like that.

Yes, I mean there’s been some great, you know some especially with the Facebook groups and things like that. There’s been some great like aha moments where you’re like, absolutely I think I think I’m going to do this. Thank you. Thank you.

Laurie: I never thought about that. Yeah, there can be some not great advice, but there can be some real gems too for sure. So it’s important I feel like that, you know yourself and you’re able to not just do what other people say.

Be True to Yourself!

Hayley: Exactly. Be true to yourself in the long run and it might. Everyone used to say like when I started going for doing my Fifo 50 States book. I’ll go with that. People were saying it’s not a story you should you should have a beginning, a middle and an end.

Your book should be a story, your books really shouldn’t have an animal for a main character. It should be it should be a person and all that and but that’s you know, I didn’t listen, you know and picture book should only be like, you know, 38 to 40 pages or you know, 28. You know somewhere in that range and  mine’s a hundred and twelve pages.

Laurie: Oh is it? [laughter]

A Fond Memory

Hayley: It’s my fondest memory is my dad reading to me when I was little and he would do it all the kids separately. So come into my room pick a book off the shelf we’d read go into to my sister’s room pick a book off the shelf and read. What I like is that this, is being the way I write it’s a bonding thing.

You’re not kids aren’t supposed to read those books alone. They’re supposed to sit with the parent and have a conversation.

Laurie: Right.

Hayley: And learn something at the same time. It’s a different kind of book and I feel like people get it or they don’t and I’m okay with that because I love it and it’s filling a purpose and they do all right you know.

Laurie: And it comes back to that’s why you’re Indie because you…

Hayley: Everything you were supposed to do supposedly by people in the know by the publishers and things like that. But Fifo 50 states until Emotions was released last year, was my best-selling book, Every time I did a live event, I couldn’t keep it in stock. You know, so.

Laurie: So there you go. You don’t take everyone’s advice.

Hayley: Again. Take take the advice with a grain of salt. But stay true.

Go Outside Your Comfort Zone with Your Marketing!

Laurie: Thank you. That’s terrific advice. Thank you for sharing. Best of luck to you selling your six or ten thousand. I’m sure they will because we’re coming up to such a busy season.

Hayley: And Thanksgiving. So I’m going to try I’m going to actually I’m going over to Barnes and Noble afterwards and set up an event for Thanksgiving because you know. Of being thankful on Thanksgiving is you know. Here is you know a big.

Laurie: It’s yeah.

Hayley: Right?

Laurie: So that’s great thinking. Yeah, so you do lots of stuff to market them, hey?

Hayley: I do I go out all the time and I think outside the box. I went to the Mindful Center down the road and they carry them now and there’s place called Unicorn Cupcake in Scottsdale and they carry my unicorn journals. And so, you know, you just go around a lot of the gift shops, hospitals things like that, things that you don’t think about.

Laurie: So it’s just a matter of going and asking?

Hayley:  Go get out of your comfort zone go and ask.

Laurie: That’s hard.

Set Up Rewards For Yourself!

Hayley: Set up little rewards for yourself, setup little motivators for yourself. Like all right, I’m just gonna go ask this person. And if I go and and ask even if they say no I’m going to feel good because I got of my comfort zone and did it and I’m going to get like a really good cup of coffee. Like reward yourself make make yourself little goals, you know, you’ll feel even if they say no it’s like don’t look at it as they said no look at it as that. They said and that you got out of your comfort zone. And you asked.

Laurie: Yeah, I asked.

Hayley: Never gonna know if you ask I was going to know that you need something or you want something if you don’t let them know.

Laurie: Yes, I love that. That’s terrific advice.

A lot of us just live a little too comfortably in our comfort zone.

Hayley: I used to be super painfully shy. The doorbell would ring and I would run into the bathroom and close the door and not come out until the guests would leave. Painfully painfully shy, which is, you know, I’m an anxie- am a person that that lives with a lot of anxieties and stuff like that and that stemmed from childhood.

If you suffer from anxieties and fear and stuff like that when you’re little it kind of amplifies as you get older and so but now like I actually look forward to going in to talking to people and getting out of my comfort zone. It’s almost like a it’s a challenge and I love it. So I’m not as shy anymore. I don’t really have those anxieties with things like that.


Where You Can Find Hayley

Laurie: Good for you. I love so much to hear that that you’ve turned all these things from your own self into these products, and they’re selling, they’re doing well and you’re happy.

Hayley: Thank you. I’m very happy. Yes.

Laurie: Yay.

Hayley: Oh, yay.

Laurie: Well, thank you. Thank you again and I’ll be sure to link – oh where can people find you?

Hayley:  Oh so you can find me at Haleyrose.com. Two Y’s.  H-a-y-L-e-y-R-O-S-e.com. Or it all goes to the same place the Thankful Series. Or Fifothebear.com and on Facebook it’s Books by Hayley Rose – two y’s.  On Instagram it’s Hayley.Rose.Author. And I’m on Twitter, but I’m usually not on Twitter but it’s Fifo the Bear if you want to follow me.

Laurie: Twitter’s hard!

Hayley: Once in a while, you know.

Laurie: Yeah okay super! I will be sure to put all those links up and I hope everybody goes and finds you and checks here your journals and your Fifo bears.

Hayley: Thank you so much Laurie. I really appreciate the opportunity. I wish you well. Everyone out there listening I wish you well, and you know, let me know how things go.

Laurie: Sounds great. Thank you.

Hayley: Thank you! bye.

Laurie: Bye!

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