NEW!!  One on One consultation for all of your writing, publishing and marketing needs.

This new option is for any writer who wants to save time and headaches using a SHORTCUT!  After getting to know you and your needs, I will provide an actionable strategy that will get you to the finish line in a fraction of the time.

Laurie has been instrumental in helping me through the publishing process. I attended two of her workshops about self-publishing. I am a teacher, small business owner, and artist. Laurie helped me navigate how to get my illustrations and writing into book format using canva. Then she walked me through the steps on how to get my book uploaded to Amazon. She saved me hours and hours of trial and error and frustration if I had tried to navigate the system myself. I am also in the process of applying for a grant to get her in to work with my grade 3 students on Mindfulness. Fingers crossed that I get the grant and we can have her in the classroom. Laurie is truly passionate about her writing and how it has opened so many doors for her. If you are an aspiring author and need help in the process I highly recommend Laurie!   Amanda C. 11/2017