Profitable Picture Book Process

It's YOU time!

I was a SAHM for ten years, I was creative and a bit bored, and I needed an OUTLET.

Sound familiar?

I’m here to tell you that you CAN be a writer

EVEN IF your mom laughs when you tell her that

EVEN IF you’ve never before thought about writing

EVEN IF all you can put on your resume for the past ten years is diaper changes and meal preparation.

I DID IT, and I want to show you what to do so that you can have a creative outlet and something that is just for you. (Until you share it with the world, that is!)

Write a book that will SELL

There are millions of books for kids for sale, and most are lovely stories with beautiful illustrations.

But do they sell?

Trust me when I say you want not only to publish a book, but you want it to be PROFITABLE. And that takes knowledge, planning, and insight.  I’ve learned what makes a book sell, and I want to teach you!

Go to to check it out!

What you get!


We all know how to google things, but in this course, we’ll be googling with INTENTION.  As a bonus, you’ll have a group of like-minded people going through the same process to share with!


I know this doesn’t sound very exciting, but this part of the course is key in making your writing as easy as possible. No more blank page syndrome!


And next, we write! Want to know what’s terrific about having the group? You get free editing from the other members! This alone will save you thousands of dollars.



1) How to find an illustrator AND 2) The differences between traditional publishing and self-publishing. Important so that you can make informed decisions about your next steps.