Picture Book Process

Learn from a bestselling children’s author how to get started properly without wasting your time, money or energy.

Do you:

  • have a great idea but no idea where to even start?
  • vomit in your mouth a little when people close to you tell you how ‘cute’ you are?
  • spend hours online but feel overwhelmed by confusing or contradictory information?
  • know a ‘pro’ whose own books look amateur and have spelling mistakes?
  • follow a guru who’s written and sold a million ADULT books?

Smash Tradition

Traditional publishing:

  • takes too much time,
  • for too little reward and
  • too many blows to the self-esteem!  

There’s a new, BETTER way now, and it’s not just for Uncle Maurice’s biography.

Self-publishing is not just for losers, wannabes and super niche writers. It’s a BILLION dollar industry, and you can grab some for yourself.

‘Get your book out there’ magic for major publishing freshmen!

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