What I Do For Writers

I lead writers through a set of easy to follow, actionable steps so that

they stay motivated, on task and 

so that they can get to the business of selling books.

get published

My Philosophy

You need to:


set aside your fear of failure and your need to ask for permission!

put the time and effort in

get out of your own way!

 It’s truly remarkable what people (like you! like me!) can accomplish, with some guidance and support.

My Methods

 I provide:

easy to understand, actionable steps to achieve your goals

guidance and support, tailored to your needs

one on one coaching and follow-ups to make sure you meet your goals

get published
get published

My Goal

I want writers to realize that getting published is not only ATTAINABLE but also much easier than is commonly believed. 

By self-publishing, you get your work out there in circulation quickly!  

You get all the profits, you retain all the rights to your story, and YOU are the one in charge.  

The possibilities are endless.  Decide when you are ready to be a published author and then book some time with me below!


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Sometimes all we need is a little motivation.  


You got it! Or you will very soon...