Welcome to The Writer’s Way!

Did I ever tell you about my friends who went from yearning to write books, to being published and so very PROUD of themselves?

THAT FEELING is more important than any income, status or prestige claim.

THAT FEELING is more important than your fears, worries or concerns.

The work that they do, the writing businesses that they run isn’t just about how much money they make (though that helps!).

It is about the change in…

Their lives
Their self-esteem
Their circumstances.

These are their stories.

I hope they inspire YOU to publish YOUR stories.


Episode #1: Amanda Cottrell

“Just START! Do a little bit each day.”


Episode # 2: Kelly Grettler

“Once you figure things out, nothing can stop you!”


Episode # 3: Diane Alber

“Write the stories you want your kids to read!”


Episode #4: Paula Lancaster

“Share your story!”


Episode #5: April Cox

“Quality comes before money.” “Don’t be afraid of the learning process.”


Episode #6: Jaclyn Coy

“Don’t be your own worst enemy.”


Episode #7: Teagan Adams

“Decide to start today.”


Episode #8: Erica R. Maier

“Allow the divine connections to occur.” “Don’t let the idea escape you.”


Episode #9: Reid Kaplan

“It called my name.”


Episode #10: Becky Cummings

“Have the confidence to get it down.”


Episode #11: Emily Bastien

“Write your story. It could help someone in need.”


Episode #12: Bridgette Bastien

“Remember who you’re doing it for.”


Episode #13: Kristy Hammill

“If I can do it, anyone can.”


Episode #14: Andrea Kamenca aka Andi Cann

“Write what’s in your heart.”


Episode #15: Don Dione

“People actually DO earn a living writing children’s books!”


Episode #16: Mike Suarez

“There’s not much risk up front because there are lots of things you can do on a budget.”

Episode #17: Dennis McGregor

“Rock N Roll ruined my life!”


Episode #18: Demetra Yuvanu

“You have what it takes!”


Episode #19: Sheri Wall

“Don’t be afraid to try!”

Episode #20: Ryan Schroeder

“Press the Button!”


Episode #21: Colleen Brunetti

“Make the world a better place for kids.”

Episode #22: Allison LaFleur

“Learn to do it yourself, first.”


Episode #23: Sherry Selley

“Jump off the cliff!”


Episode #24: Randy Whiteside

“A Hero’s Journey”


Episode #25: Laurie’s Origin Story, Part 1

“Learning how to self-publish has been LIFE-CHANGING!”


Episode #26: Laurie’s Origin Story, Part 2

“I’m a teacher at heart.”


Episode #27: Kristin Johnson

“If you get talked about, it means you’re doing something.”


Episode #28: Elizabeth Gerlach

“You are capable, and you can figure it out!”

Episode #29: Katie Melko

“Trust your instincts. Trust your gut. Join a group!”

Episode #30: Lisa Ferland

“Research, research, research!”


Episode #31: Paul Bennett

“Look at what others have done so you don’t waste time!”


Episode #32: Alison Klakowicz

“Go for it! Do it! Get your book out there!”


Episode #33: How to find an Illustrator for your Picture Book

“Go for it! Do it! Get your book out there!”


Episode #34: Angela Murphy

“Keep writing until you finish it!”


Episode #35: Nathan Bateman, Pt. 1

It’s a little overwhelming, a little nerve wracking, but it’s exciting!”


Episode #36: How to Overcome Writer’s Block

“Accept that it’s OKAY to stare at the wall!”


Episode #37: Nathan Bateman, Pt. 2

“Get [your story] out there before you get it published, before you get an illustrator.” 


Episode #38: Is Your Book Idea Sucky or Stupendous?

“If your book actually sells, then it becomes more than a passion project. It’s a profitable passion project, and trust me when I say that, that is so much better.”


Episode #39: How to Incorporate School Visits into Your Writing Business, With D. Jude Miller

“Self-publishing is the future. That’s what we’re all going to be doing.”


Episode #40: What Motivates you?

“What motivates me? Let’s get real here. Money!”


Episode #41: Marketing – Overcome the biggest obstacle to selling your book

“When marketing your book DON’T be spammy!”


Episode #42: Free Resources for Children’s Authors

“Get your book out there for practically NO money!”


Episode #43: LinkedIn for Children’s Authors with Rebecca Morgan

“Be professional, be human and stand out!”


Episode #44: Camryn Wells

“Be open to the process, stay true to yourself, and find joy along the way!”


Episode #45: Twitter for Children’s Authors with Jonathan Gunson

“Don’t yell out ‘buy my book’ everywhere you go!”


Episode #46: Seasonal Children’s Books with Kelly Grettler

“Do the research so that you’re confident in your product!”


Episode #47: Publishing Seasonal Children’s Books with Scott Casperson

“Find unique places to carry your book, not just book shops!”


Episode #48: Specialty Children’s Books with Hayley Rose

“Keep going until you get that yes!”


Episode #49: Book Publishing Business with Amba Brown

“Self publishers get to know the whole spectrum of the process!”


Episode #50: Becoming a Full Time Writer with Dennis Mathew

“Start with small risks and see what the returns are!”


Episode #51: How to Create a Publishing Company with Christine Reynebeau

“If I can keep one person from stumbling like I did, I’ve did it! I’ve won!”


Episode #52: Publishing with McCollonough Ceili

“It’s all about bringing out the child’s creativity!”