Did I ever tell you about my friends who went from yearning to write books, to being published and so very PROUD of themselves?

THAT FEELING is more important than any income, status or prestige claim.

THAT FEELING is more important than your fears, worries or concerns.

The work that they do, the writing businesses that they run isn’t just about how much money they make (though that helps!).

It is about the change in…

Their lives
Their self-esteem
Their circumstances.

These are their stories.

I hope they inspire YOU to publish YOUR stories.


Episode #1: Amanda Cottrell

Amanda believes in getting support from people who have been through the self-publishing process, to avoid headaches and dead ends.

Episode # 2: Kelly Grettler

Once you figure things out, nothing can stop you!

Episode # 3: Diane Alber

Write the stories you want your kids to read!

Episode #4: Paula Lancaster

Share your story!

Episode #5: April Cox

“Quality comes before money.” “Don’t be afraid of the learning process.”

Episode #6: Jaclyn Coy

Don’t be your own worst enemy.

Episode #7: Teagan Adams

Decide to start today.

Episode #8: Erica R. Maier

“Allow the divine connections to occur.” “Don’t let the idea escape you.”

Episode #9: Reid Kaplan

“It called my name.”

Episode #10: Becky Cummings

“Have the confidence to get it down.”

Episode #11: Emily Bastien

“Write your story. It could help someone in need.”

Episode #12: Bridgette Bastien

“Remember who doing you’re doing it for.”

Episode #13 Kristy Hammill

“If I can do it, anyone can.”