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The purpose of my books is to give adults language to provide emotional support to kids, as well as to inspire confidence in children!

The books in the Mindful Mantra series are quick, simple to read, useful resources for parents and teachers. They will give you a common language to use to help children self-regulate.

The books in The Courage Chronicles are geared for kids a bit older, 7-10, and are interesting stories about transformation and magic, all while telling your kids how they too can find their courage through a wonderful story.

You can buy all my books here from my website, or you can purchase from Amazon!  Full disclosure, I cannot provide Amazon level service, and must, therefore, charge you shipping!

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I Can Handle It!

A bestselling, repetitive book that gets children repeating the mantra IMMEDIATELY!! Parents report kids telling them “I can handle it” right after reading this book, counselors report it being very useful in sessions, and teachers report that they LOVE to use this book in classrooms. 

Help the children in your life realize that they are capable of handling life’s ups and downs!

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Highly recommend this book! My son was reciting with confidence the mantra midway through the book during our bedtime read aloud. The final page is quite ingenious and served as the ultimate reinforcement of the mantra. Well done!

I Matter!

Show the children in your life how special they are, even when the words aren’t said.

They matter to moms, dads, brothers, teachers, friends, and even to plants and animals!  Kids often don’t know why they matter, but this book will help to make it clear.

Everyone MATTERS.

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FIVE STARS! I use this regularly in a special education setting for children who need social skills and emotional education.

I Can Handle Special Occasions!

Watching other kids open presents can be torturous, waiting for special days, like birthdays, to come is just as bad!

Kids can learn some strategies for dealing with those big, hard to handle feelings along with Sebastien and his funny hedgehog sidekick.

No matter WHAT the occasion is, kids can handle it.

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My kids loved this! Who hasn’t felt overwhelmed or out-of-sorts around the holidays or on special occasions? We love all the books from the Mindful Mantra series and this one is no different. Humorous, warm-hearted, honest and vulnerable, these books explore big feelings with wonderful illustrations, and clear, easy to understand language. They are great conversation starters and should be in every parent’s toolbox!

I Will Be Okay!

Kids often have a feeling of unease when they aren’t sure about a situation. Sometimes they interpret the ‘weird’ feeling to mean that they aren’t safe. This book is a great start to the conversation about how they WILL be okay, even when they feel frustrated, nervous or worried.

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Great ideas and positive ways to redirect children’s attention to the fact that they have options when faced with feelings of anxiety, anger, and fear. The “I will be okay” mantra throughout the book really made it simple and easy for kids to understand. I plan to use this with some of my kiddos at school when they come to me feeling like they are “stuck” in those feelings. Great resource!

I Will Try!

Would you just please TRY?!?

If this refrain sounds familiar, you need this book!

Help your child or students learn an important concept, that they can TRY even when they don’t know what new places, people or things have in store. 

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The illustrations are great and my kids loved the book. It got my son to try sleeping without his blanket tonight so we could wash it (finally)!

I Believe in Myself!

Believing in yourself can be hard. 

Here is a secret: all people, not just kids, wonder if they are good enough, strong enough, or fast enough at some point in their lives. Everyone wonders if he or she’ll be up to all the challenges life presents. 

Boost your child or students’ self-confidence while reading about Poppy. Watch how she handles situations that make her feel anxious, sad or even angry! 

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I loved how this book named the feeling and situation and then offered solutions for how to solve the problem along with acknowledging “I believe in myself.” The solutions were easy for kids to understand and the range of situations and feelings was great!

I’m Proud of Myself!

Boost your child’s positive self-talk by teaching them this mantra: I’M PROUD OF MYSELF.

Even when things are hard, even when things go wrong, even when things turn out unexpectedly, kids should be proud of the effort they put in.

Give the children in your life the gift of learning to believe in themselves, a gift that will last a lifetime.

Since teachers and parents have the most difficult and important jobs, this book comes with free resources for both! Simply go to to get them.

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“I liked this book. Sometimes children are told pride in themselves is wrong. It’s not!!! Their achievements in self-control or overcoming obstacles are worth celebrating! Simple to follow and understand, with cute facial expressions illustrated cleanly.”

The Courage Chronicles:  Rainbow’s End

An adventure story about three siblings who find themselves magically transported into a new world. A world of unicorns, goblins, and magic! The children all have their interesting quirks and flaws, and the classic ‘eldest should responsible’ theme will appeal to many children.

This is the first in the series, watch for ‘Dragon’s Song‘ coming next!

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This book is great for all ages! I really love the illustrations and I loved that it’s about unicorns and magic! In the story, the little sister has to be brave when she has to protect the rainbow dust from the goblins. It is a great book for any kids who want to hear a cool story or are bored of the “I can read” series, or are very advanced in reading and there are not enough choices at their school or library. I would recommend it to anyone! Five stars! Paisley, age 10


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