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The most important thing I do is raise my three kids. They are always my top priority.

The second most important thing I do is to help children around the world learn how to handle their emotions. I’m thrilled to share that my books have been, or are currently being, translated into 6 other languages and sold all over the world.

Thirdly, I consult with writers who want help to create and/or grow strong book businesses. I work with writers in all stages of the journey, and you can see the courses I offer HERE!

I do all of these things while trying to maintain harmony in my life and trying to pee alone!

The days fly by, and I try to capture the beautiful moments as they happen, as often as I can.

mindful Mantras

Kids are capable!

Repetition and humor combine to encourage kids to try to solve their own problems. Children quickly learn to say ‘I can handle it!’ when dealing with everyday problems.

I belong

First in the new series, Mini Mindful Mantras!
Perfect for kids 1-3, with more pictures than words, I Belong shows kids exactly why everyone belongs.

Yes they cAN!

Written in honor of a friend who was strong and brave and could do SO many things! We are all stronger than we realize.


Starting out in 2016, all I wanted to do was get my book OUT there, into the hands of children and parents who could use a little help. Now I few years in, the books are published in 7 languages, and in the hands of children and parents all over the WORLD! Every day I wake up excited and proud of where this journey has taken me.

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Laurie is hands down one of the most inspirational people I have ever met. If it wasn’t for her, my idea for a book would still be just an idea! I will be forever grateful for her support and guidance in bringing my book into reality.

– JacquE S. 2017

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