Happy to meet you!

I’m Laurie, and I do a lot of things. 

The most important thing I do is raise my three kids. They are my top priority, always.

The second most important thing I do is to help children around the world learn how to handle their emotions.

Thirdly, I consult with writers who want help to create and/or grow strong book businesses. (Once a teacher, always a teacher!)

I am Laurie, and I do a lot of things. 

I do all of these things while trying to maintain harmony in my life and trying to pee alone!  

The days fly by, and I try to capture the beautiful moments as they happen, as often as I can.

# of smart ass comments I keep in my head

# of smart ass comments my kids keep to themselves

# of things I have already forgotten today


% of time I have company while peeing

  Tell me about you!

     How many journals have you filled with your writing?  What kind of stories are in your head? 

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Email:  laurie@lauriewrighter.com


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