Organize all your important book information in ONE PLACE!

📕compare gross earnings, expenses & net earnings from month to month and year to year

📕make solid decisions about your marketing based on actual data


Hey authors, does getting organized feel like something you should do, someday? I’m here to give you a gentle nudge and a kick in the 🍑! It’s time to go from MESSY to MASTERY and put a system for success in place.

NOW is the right time to organize your book business and start saving yourself precious minutes (or hours!) wasted searching dropbox or your downloads for important information.

Contained in ONE PLACE is the ability to:

  • quickly and easily compare gross & net earnings
  • evaluate expenses
  • quickly access important book details
  • record key dates for foreign publishing companies
  • record inventory at stores

What you’ll receive:

  • written instructions oh how to set up your spreadsheet
  • google spreadsheet
  • video walkthrough of how it works and what to put in it


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