Is life rough for your sensitive child?

Does This Sound Familiar?

“I have no friends” “I’m not smart enough” “I don’t know what to do!” “I can’t DO it!”  “NO!!”

Do you spend your day reassuring your child that they are OKAY, that everything will be FINE, and that they ARE enough!

  • SMART enough
  • STRONG enough
  • PRETTY enough
  • FAST enough

Imagine A Different Way

Your son can take a deep breath, stop and think about his options, and then declare ‘I can handle it, mom!’

You overhear your daughter saying to herself in the morning, ‘I MATTER’.

Your normally reluctant 3 year old says, ‘Okay, I will try’.

You are able to easily redirect your children to positive language and thoughts!

Help them enjoy their school year with the Mindful Mantras series

A seven-book series, designed with one purpose: BOOSTING your 3-8 year old child’s emotional health.

After teaching kindergarten for 10 years, I noticed a trend. An alarming one.

Children had problems, all the time, of course. But they had not ONE CLUE about how to handle them. They would sit and do nothing rather than try something. They would stare at me blankly when I asked them what they could do.

This trend of learned helplessness inspired my first book, ‘I Can Handle It’ and it has been incredibly helpful for THOUSANDS of children.

The series has grown!

I have three kids, and there’s a lot of thoughts going on in their heads! I use it for my inspiration.

Things I’ve noticed:

  • Kids often think they aren’t ENOUGH
  • Kids refuse to try new things when they feel UNSURE
  • Kids don’t always know that it’s OKAY to feel negative emotions and to express them
  • Kids are easy to redirect towards positivity when you have the right words

eight books to BOOST self-esteem this year!

I Can Handle It

Improves a child’s willingness to handle everyday problems on their own.

I Am Proud Of Myself

We should be proud of ourselves, whether things go as planned or not!

I Can Handle Special Occasions

Special days can be HARD to handle when you’re small!

I Will Be Okay

Children should learn that it’s okay to feel negative emotions.

I Will Try

Crossed arms and pouty mouths, BEGONE!

I Believe in Myself

Self-confident children will be much better able to handle social pressures as they get older.

I Matter

Let your children know how much they matter while they’re young so that they don’t need to wonder when they are older.

I Can Do It

Kids are quite capable when given the chance to do things for themselves, but at the same time, it’s normal to doubt themselves

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What People Are Saying



Reader, Mom

Thank you so much! This book is excellent! It’s like every single situation is written for my 6 year old son! We’ve been reading “I Will Be Okay” and ‘I Can Handle It” lately, and he relates to them, but I can’t get over the uncanny parallels in this book to his real-life scenarios. Thank you! Your books have been a gift to our family, and I am truly grateful!




Thanks for writing these kinds of books. Resilience and emotional self-soothing is so desperately needed in this age of high anxiety social culture and well-intended drone parenting. 



Reader, Mom

I love this book! I think it’s a great message for children, and even their adults that read this book to them need reminders to believe in themselves! I truly appreciate how after I situation arises, that the main character thinks about three potential solutions no matter how silly. When we pause and think about potential solutions, we are using our prefrontal cortex and able to make rational, wise choices. 



Father, Reviewer

The illustrations are great and my kids loved the book. It got my son to try sleeping without his blanket tonight so we could wash it (finally)!



Mom, Reviewer

Great book!!! Beware the effects: when you put your toddler in time out, they might just break your heart by telling you, “I matter.”



Gramma, Reviewer

These ( Mantras ) book are wonderful ! As a teacher, retired, I would have loved the full set for my Kindergarten classes!

A Little Bit About Me….

How I became a childhood mental health specialist.

OK, so I’m not really a childhood mental health expert but the 1000s of families I have helped go from struggling with how to talk to kids about their BIG feelings to knowing the exact words to help BOOST a child’s self-esteem, actually think I am.

I think it’s a nice side effect of helping so many families overcome their struggles after they have been floundering around & feeling desperate for so long.

Before I dedicated myself to helping people say adios to crappy self-esteem, low self-worth, and negative self-talk, I was a teacher with a little idea. It took a lot of inspiration & a truck-load of guts to get to where I am today. 

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