What is Emotion Coaching?

Emotion Coaching is taking the time to help children understand their feelings to keep their minds healthy, just as we take the time to teach them to eat healthy food to keep their bodies healthy. By helping children understand the different emotions they experience, why they occur, and how to handle them you can set them up for emotional success their entire lives!

Simply put, you coach your children about emotions by comforting them, listening and understanding their thoughts and feelings, and helping them to understand themselves.

Research shows...

Research shows that children who understand their feelings and learn about their emotions have these advantages:

  • They form stronger friendships with other children.
  • They calm themselves down more quickly when they get upset.
  • They do better in school.
  • They handle their moods better and have fewer negative emotions.
  • They get sick less often.

What is Emotion Coaching?

Emotion Coaching starts by recognizing your child’s feelings.

Many parents are able to see the positive emotions a child expresses, but drawing close to a child who is angry or sad can take some practice.

While it takes effort to teach your child about feelings and appropriate behaviors, it is time well spent. Your relationship with your child will be stronger and your child will be more prepared for the challenges life can bring.

5 Steps to Emotion Coaching

  1. Be aware of emotions.
  2. Connect with your child
  3. Listen to your child
  4. Name emotions
  5. Find good solutions

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