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Laurie Wright

Building Self-Confidence,

one book at a time 

For ReadersFor Writers

For Readers

Laurie is on a mission to improve the mental health and emotional welfare of children around the world, one book at a time. 

Parents often struggle to find the words to express emotional support or convince their children that they are capable.

Driven by the desire to help eradicate childhood anxiety, Laurie has added eight books under the Mindful Mantras series as well as songs, lesson plans and resources to help children build emotional intelligence.

For Writers

Born out of her passion for teaching and marketing, Laurie offers proven programs for both aspiring and struggling children’s book authors. 

Instead of winging it or feeling the pressure of figuring everything out along the way, she gives writers direction and a proven structure for success.

The courses Laurie has created are blueprints for creating and selling picture books in the competitive self-publishing industry.  

Laurie has developed a solid reputation as a publishing coach, giving authors the insight, systems and strategy to take their book projects to the next level. 

A Word

From Laurie

As a parent, I know it can be a challenge finding the right time and words to coach our children when they deal with the ups and downs of life. I hope to make it easier and less stressful to build emotional intelligence in children.

– Laurie Wright

What people are saying…

“I just want to say thank you for being an awesome friend, mentor and teacher. Your course helped me in so many ways. I’m extremely grateful. Thank you.                            Sign up, people! It’s so worth it.” – Sonnie R. 04/2019

Kristy H. 11/2017
I’ve always wanted to write a book but wasn’t sure where to start. After Laurie Wright’s “Publish Your Book” course she made it seem so easy!  I went home and had my rough draft of my book done that week! Thank you for being the inspiration that I needed and for guiding me through it all!  I’m excited to say that I’m publishing my book today!  
Thoughts from Jacque S. 11/2017
Laurie is hands down one of the most inspirational people I have ever met. If it wasn’t for her, my idea for a book would still be just an idea! I will be forever grateful for her support and guidance in bringing my book into reality.
Thoughts from Sherry S. 04/2019
While I’ve never seen myself as someone who would “work with a coach”, I snatched up the opportunity to work with Laurie the minute she posted about this course. I’ve always believed that you should seek someone that IS where you want to BE and follow them, be inspired by them, and learn as much as you can. I had already been (mildly stalking) Laurie and loving what I was seeing! But to work WITH her was a W H O L E new thing !! If you’re not sure if you need the help (you do). If your not sure if you can afford it (you can’t afford NOT to). You didn’t write your book to collect dust …. let Laurie help you share it with the WORLD !!